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Affordable web site start-up, design, maintenance, make-over, domain name registration, translation into Chinese content and all your web solution needs in Malaysia.

A web presence is important to all business or non-business entities, whether it is small or large.

It is as important as having a telephone or fax number in this fast-moving age of information. Our designs emphasizes on the quality and creativity, that gives the page a unique identity and represents the image of clients.

A well designed website is important as it protrays the image of a company’s identity. A not up to the grade design gives bad impression of the web site for viewers who visited the web site. Hence, a good design will get credits from viewers and potential clients of the web owner.

Therefore, we strive to give our clients quality websites and services that promises satisfaction.

A good web site will help in the following areas:

As an information centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a marketing tools, advertisement, promotion, business strategies create and attract new business opportunities boost value of your company enhance customer confidence a valuable asset become more competitive allows people to find you as a communication tools. 

Therefore, having a good web site is important and you need someone who is skillful in this field to guide you to choose a good domain name to design and create a great web site to advise and register a hosting plan to upload and maintain the web site to update your web site periodically to monitor your web site to provide expansion opportunity at a reasonable price! provides effective and affordable web design, web
 maintenance and web start-up solution.

We have different web packages to suit your needs and requirements that help you to establish a successful presence in the web.