Hep C – What You Must Know

Hep C – What You Must Know

A lot of people panic when they realize they have hepatitis. Well, being not in the normal condition can indeed trigger some serious worries. However, you should first learn more about the disease you are inflicted with. Like for example when it comes to hepatitis, there are 3 types of them and in this article, we will talk about hep C.

So, what is hep C?

This is a kind of disease that can make the liver inflamed and infected. This kind of illness can either be chronic or acute. This is the most contagious in all types of hepatitis and sad to know that until know, there is no vaccine for this. For the acute hep C, the symptoms can be felt right away and can last for a number of weeks. As for the chronic hep C, it may not be clear at first and will surface after some months. It is said that because this is highly contagious, about 7.1 million have this in their system. It is actually okay to panic once you think you have something serious. However, it can help a lot of you know the real score about such disease. Hence, you can buy a remedy for hepatitis Malaysia at any local store.


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