For young adults, one of the things that we look forward to is retiring, specifically retiring early and pursuing our own endeavours. But what about those on the retirement age? How does it feel to finally stop working after so many years? For some, it may feel relaxing at first, but sooner or later, boredom strikes and an urge to work comes over.

This is because as working becomes a routine, the sudden absence of daily activity may cause listlessness. Accordingly, to help address this, let us check the job market in Malaysia and list down some jobs that Malaysian retirees can still perform while staying at the comfort and safety of their homes.

1. Professional consulting

As retirees mostly spend their time at home, home-based consulting a has become a top after-retirement career choice. For jobs requiring high proficiency, some companies offer longtime professionals consulting positions to help guide newcomers and give sound advice on business matters. As usual, experience-based knowledge is a priceless tool, thus its demand in business.

2. Translator jobs

Regardless of age, translator jobs can become a home-based career. For retirees, translating can be a satisfactory career since it is not only a mental activity that can help keep the mind active but also an income-generating venture. And, due to the increase of online job platforms, chances of getting online work is plentiful for those with language skills.

3. Teaching jobs

For retired educators, getting home-based teaching jobs can be a deterrent for boredom and a way to keep their routine. Although, as former educators, a major adjustment to keep in mind is the shift in the method of teaching, from actual, physical teaching to online teaching. This may seem a hindrance at first but once this issue is resolved, online teaching will become a new activity that will definitely keep the mental faculties of retirees invigorated and active for a long time. Also, since online teaching jobs are prolific, there will be no shortage of work for interested retirees. You can find plenty of teaching jobs at

4. Bookkeeping

Open to all ages, accounting professional retirees can also try their hand on home-based bookkeeping. With retirees’ extensive knowledge and experience, they can offer their services to businesses or online employers. As bookkeeping is an essential part of businesses, there will surely be no scarcity of opportunities for retirees to keep busy.

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These are a few home-based careers that retirees can undertake to keep busy and of course, to earn. But earning is not the only important purpose of continuing to work, it also to keep the mind active which will help against the disuse of the mental faculties. In addition, these careers are more flexible in nature, thus less taxing for people in the retirement age.

As research suggests, those who choose to work after retirement remain socially connected, more active and are in a much better overall health. That being the case, retirement does not always mean the end of the activity and the beginning of monotony, but in some cases, it can be the start of a new and meaningful pursuit. 


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